UltraCare was established in 2012 by a core of founders that remain with the company to this day. Originally, the business served as a consultancy group for a variety of healthcare organizations who desired an analysis and potential improvements of their current anesthesia services.

These consultations highlighted many of the aspects of current models that clients felt were “wrong” or not favorable for their center’s overall productivity and workflow.

As a result of this work, in 2014 UltraCare decided to expand their service line from one of a consultation service to a full-service anesthesia company. We now provide anesthesia services in a variety of settings, including university and community hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and office-based settings.

Aside from our clinical practice, we have harnessed our years of experience within the anesthesia community to offer product lines including consultation and medical-legal services.

Mission & Core Values

We are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patient populations while holding to our core tenets of fiscal responsibility and a transparent and collaborative relationship with our clients.

At the outset of the business relationship, our clients can expect us to evaluate what they are seeking in an anesthesia service and to create a fiscally responsible model that addresses those needs.

We seek client input throughout all steps of this process, thereby ensuring a true working partnership, always focusing on the goal of long-term and sustainable success.

Accepted Insurance Plans

UltraCare accepts all major insurance carriers. We participate in many major nationwide group plans that offer coverage to a vast majority of patients.