More than 90,000 hours of your life will be spent working — why not work for the best.


UltraCare offers health care professionals like you more than a job — we give you the opportunity to control your own future.

In addition to a variety of employment opportunities we promote professional growth and encourage advancement, whether you choose a clinical or leadership path.
We are looking for experienced health professionals and new graduates: physician anesthesiologists, pharmacists, CRNA/APN-As, and RNs to join our UltraCare team.
Why should you join the UltraCare team?
  • Job and career opportunities in multiple states.
  • Commitment to individuals practicing to the full level and scope of their licensure and training.
  • Variety of clinical settings (office-based, surgical center, rehab centers, hospitals, etc.)
  • Customized schedule/times and settings to meet your professional and personal needs
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Advancement opportunities within UltraCare

Additional benefits:

  • Extremely Competitive pay rates
  • Generous vacation and PTO
  • Nights/Weekends off (for some positions)
  • 401K, health and dental plans
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Employment travel/logistics assistance

UltraCare offers full and part-time positions: W-2 Employment and 1099 Independent Contractor employment.

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Whether you are looking for full or part-time work our new W-2 package includes the flexibility of 1099 with the added benefits of the a highly competitive W-2 job.


If work/life balance makes the 1099 option attractive to you we have a package that will help you achieve not only your financial goals but also enable you to access health insurance options for yourself and your family.

A member of UltraCare’s COVID-19 Vaccine Team shares her experiences.