UltraCare Featured In Segment On
“Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid”

The life-saving work performed by CRNA’s during the pandemic and the game-changing impact of UltraCare’s innovative COVID-19 Emergency Response and Vaccine Teams will be highlighted in an upcoming segment of the educational television show Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid.

The segment “Med-Tech Series: Managing & Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine” tells the story of how UltraCare quickly developed and deployed teams of CRNAs and other medical professionals from around the country to fill critical care gaps in hospital ICUs and to provide life protecting vaccinations to more than 200,000 seniors at elder care facilities in several states.

UltraCare has been highlighted as a “pioneer” in health care for their innovative efforts which provided much-needed care and hope during this unprecedented health crisis.

The segment features interviews with:

  • Nicholas Blanck, President & CEO, UltraCare
  • Cheryl Gamble, Chief Operations Officer, UltraCare
  • Ann Logan, Chief Hospital Executive, CarePoint Health – Hoboken University Medical Center
  • Ellen Geraghty, Nurse Manager ICU, CarePoint Health – Hoboken University Medical Center
  • Tracey Crandall, Chief Human Resources Officer, PharmScript

A commercial (click to view) touting the program featuring UltraCare will be airing on Fox Business Network, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery Life and CNN Headline News in August. Actual airing dates/times of the Viewpoint program will vary by market and public television station. Click here or the button below to visit the Viewpoint site and watch the episode.

Viewpoint is an educational program created for public television stations to inform viewing audiences about important topics, trends and innovations that impact daily life. Viewpoint is hosted by veteran actor Dennis Quaid and has received multiple Telly Awards honoring excellence in video and television.

A separate video, from which clips were used for the Viewpoint segment, that expands on UltraCare’s role in helping to staff and sustain healthcare workforce during the pandemic can be viewed below.

“We needed help. We ended up requesting the CRNAs [UltraCare COVID-19 Response Team] to provide for us additional help certainly because of COVID but to support the intensive care primarily and we couldn’t have done it without them.”
— Ann Logan, Chief Hospital Executive, Carepoint Health at Hoboken University Medical Center

“Even though we had been planning for several months we only had 10 days between the formal FDA Approval and the go-live of the clinics. And what that meant was we had to have the clinics stood up, staffed and vaccines ready to go into patients’ arms. It was quite the push to make that happen. They [UltraCare Vaccine Team] were really a partner we were able to turn to quickly and able to dispatch on short notice to multiple states.”

— Tracey Crandall, Chief Human Resources Officer, PharmScript

“It was overwhelming, we needed somebody at the bedside who was able to intubate, put in central lines, manage critical care medication. It [UltraCare COVID-19 Response Team] was a seamless integration into the ICU team. It almost normalized patient care in the ICU.”

Ellen Geraghty, Nurse Manager ICU – Carepoint Health at Hoboken University Medical Center

“The most humbling part about it was that there was never a shortage of people contacting us from our national provider workforce to say ‘You name where and I will be there in 48 hours, if you can get me on a plane or you can get me a rental car I will drive through the night to get there.’ “
— Nicholas Blanck, President/CEO UltraCare

“We are so underutilized, meaning CRNAs and APNs. We have been critical care nurses prior to coming in and we have that knowledge base… for all the critical care medications, the drips that these acute medical patients need.”
— Cheryl Gamble, Chief Operations Officer UltraCare

“I have to tell you the amount of courage I saw from colleagues was astonishing. Facing patient after patient after patient, and quickly putting together our knowledge and expertise and experiences. We are trained to react calmly in any emergency situation, but with certainty with knowing what we are doing. I am very proud to be a CRNA.”
— Yana Krmic, CRNA on the UltraCARE COVID-19 Response Team, Pres. NY Society of Nurse Anesthetists

This video tells the story of how UltraCare answered the call for help from short staffed medical facilities to provide teams of CRNAs and other medical professionals to handle the most critical patients in ICUs in Northern New Jersey during the height of the pandemic, and to administer vaccines for senior care facility residents in nearly a dozen states across the country.