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People equate accountants with tax-season, but their input and direction throughout the year can make it easier to manage your finances and meet your goals. We are proud to direct our Team Members to Barnett and Patterson LLC, a leading Certified Public Accountant firm serving the Delaware Valley. As the principal accounting firm for UltraCare, Barnett and Patterson has been invaluable in providing us the financial direction necessary to navigate and manage our rapid growth. We anticipate that you will experience the same benefits and level of service that sets Barnett and Patterson apart.

As a W2 employee, the management of benefits and the use of tax shelters is necessary to maximize your level of income and meet your individual goals. As an Independent Contractor, establishing your own individual Limited Liability Corporation is essential for realizing the maximum benefits of being your own company. Creating your own LLC can feel like a daunting task but Barnett and Patterson will insure that the process occurs quickly and smoothly, whether serving in an advisory role or creating your business for you.

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