As Chief Sales Officer, John has been instrumental in the Company’s growth into new markets and service lines.  As a board certified nurse anesthetist since 2002, John possesses a strong independent practice background in settings inclusive of large hospital systems, ambulatory centers and office-based sites.  Prior to joining UltraCare, John served as the chief anesthesia coordinator across a multi-center fertility practice, responsible for the successful implementation of new drug protocols, the reorganization of the center’s emergency policies and revision of anesthesia recording practices to meet and maintain JCAHO compliance. 

Since joining UltraCare, John has been instrumental in forming a highly-skilled and experienced core of physician and nurse anesthesia providers that work under the Company banner.  His exceptional interpersonal skills extend to all members of our client’s healthcare staff.  These skills insure a pleasant and professional experience to the clients, and are crucial to personnel recruitment and retention.