As one of the founding members of UltraCare, Matthew oversees and is responsible for maintaining compliance within the organization and as it relates to the clients that the Company serves. Mr. McCullough’s clinical background led him to the role of Chief Nurse Anesthetist within a large neurosurgical anesthesia group. In that role, Matthew assigned himself to various hospital committees tasked with evaluating and revising policies for the purpose of increasing efficiency and decreasing same-day cancellations within the PAT department of the hospital system. Following successful implementation of PAT policy, Matthew turned his attention to education by developing and launching a successful neurosurgical student nurse anesthesia teaching program for which he serves as clinical coordinator.

Along with his affinity for and expertise in implementing policy, Matthew has been instrumental to the Company and it’s clients by evaluating and improving anesthesia staffing models. Time and again, these efforts have helped minimize unnecessary cost overruns, to improve overall finances pertaining to anesthesia costs and improved client and surgeon satisfaction at the sites where the Company provides services.